memento mori


I love how a short piece like this can catch me unaware.

Artist Sophie Calle – I haven’t heard of her before. Installing an art exhibit in a Manhattan church near the Guggenheim – the epigraph on her mother’s tombstone, “I’m getting bored already!” Her mother’s final words, Ne vous faites pas de souci. And buried with her: “There was a photo of the contents of Monique’s coffin (vodka, a plush toy cow, books on Spinoza, a Marilyn Monroe postcard, a MOMA membership card).”

Another installation was a voice recording of Kim Cattrall reading Monique’s diaries. The article says, “Calle read them all, for the first time, aloud, in French, for a performance in Avignon, which Cattrall attended. Calle said, `We discovered that it was like a prayer, in a way. Even if you didn’t understand, it was like –‘

`A hymn, almost,’ Cattrall said.”

Art and words – diaries – getting it down right – and leaving it behind.


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