Death at the Château Bremont


I first heard of M.L. Longworth (short for Mary Lou) a few months ago when I listened to this delightful profile that was part of NPR’s Crime in the City series. I was instantly fascinated by the cigar smoking Aix-pat: francophile, writer, teacher, connoisseuse. My local independent, Politics & Prose, carried her début novel, Death at the Château Bremont, and I flew through it over the new year weekend: the perfect complement to a minor sore throat and a splash of Baileys Irish Cream in my coffee.

I read several so-so reviews on Goodreads, but the primary detractions for some readers were precisely what drew me in to this colorful, fast-paced mystery: the lush descriptions of French food, wine, and countryside, all the things that make this book so, as Mark Twain might say, wonderfully Frenchy. Throw in a bit of intrigue and suspense? Sign me up. And the best part is that I’m late to the game: Longworth’s already got three more novels in the series!

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2 thoughts on “Death at the Château Bremont

    • billgillislive

      KPC – considering the pace at which you read, you’ll fly through them. Have been loving your photos of ice art, e.g. your windows in the morning.

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