Hawthorne House


I’ve been away on vacation: the beauty of disconnection, beach air, and friends. And an unanticipated brush with art history. It was a challenge finding a place to stay because it was Bear Week (our favorite) in Provincetown, and then we happened upon this amazing place – a bit farther out than we were used to but, according to Google Maps, still walkable to town. We had no idea what to expect, which was for the best since there wasn’t any way to prepare us for what we found at the top of Miller Hill Road.



Unbeknownst to us, we had rented the famed Hawthorne House, part of Charles Webster Hawthorne‘s property that gave rise to the Provincetown arts colony and birthed the Cape Cod School of Art in the late 19th century. Across the garden was the famous barn, which Hawthorne built in 1907. Much of what I’ve learned about the place I discovered only after we got home; while we were there I just marveled at the beauty of the place, and our good fortune.






Sleeping shack.

The new owners have done a loving and exquisite renovation.


On the porch where we lived.


Our bedroom.



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