Roland Garros dans la ville


At first I was disappointed that Roland Garros dans la ville had decamped from the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville over to the Champ de Mars – because it’s less convenient for me to pop through the square, watch a little tennis, and then be on my way. After spending a couple of hours there on Monday, though, I’ve changed my mind. The greenspace is really lovely, and the backdrop couldn’t be more spectacular.

Scene: two women arrive and unfurl their scarves from around their necks, spread them out on the lawn, and have a seat. There is the distinctive sound of a cork popping. A little while later they rise, brush off some loose grass, retie their scarves with a chic, effortless flourish, and are on their way. Lesson learned: all you need for a French picnic is a beautiful scarf and a bottle of champagne.



2 thoughts on “Roland Garros dans la ville

    • billgillislive

      There’s nowhere like Paris to make one feel like a shlub. You pack something you think is so chic, and the minute you step onto the street it feels like you’re wearing a formless sack. But I wouldn’t trade it for a minute!

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